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Fruitful blog was developed to assist and accompany couples during the period of “Trying to Conceive” (TTC). We handle both male and female fertility issues with a personalized touch. Our blog handles personal, lifestyle and nutritional fertility aspects and transforms the latest scientific findings into a personalized fertility plan.

Fruitful is developed by a group of professionals from different disciplines, biology, clinical development, clinical practice, general physician and the natural product supplementations; all of us have encountered different fertility issues and found it difficult to easily find information, satisfactory explanations and possible solutions, from doctors and internet. Our vision is to help others understand what is fertility, how to enhance one’s chances to get pregnant and how to optimize the process to reduce stressful situations, while enjoying the process.

Our fruitful way aims to give you, the couples, the required information and tools to fulfill your wish of getting pregnant:

  • We address couple's trying to conceive by using a personalized assessment process, evaluating both male & female risk factors
  • We have designed a personalized program to suit 21st century lifestyle
  • We have prepared information to address your questions
  • We aim to increase your chances for pregnancy success during the first 12 months by offering:
    • Personalized supplementation
      • Daily supplements tailored to your personal risk factors
      • Dedicated formula for the male and female partners and a joint formula to be taken by both partners
    • Lifestyle engagement tool which incorporates your lifestyle risk factors and includes recommendations for fertility improvement
    • Daily Reminders & tracking package shared by both partners during the process
    • Ovulation Cycle Management App which shows your fertility window


Sharon Shmueli, MD – General Practitioner

Sharon is a general practitioner and mom to two teenage boys. She encountered primary infertility as a young newlywed, due to a medical condition called polycystic ovary syndrome. Assisted reproduction technologies helped her and her husband to be the proud parents of their first born. A second pregnancy was more challenging, as with passing time it was more difficult; it took another 6 years for a second boy to be born. Sharon believes that knowledge and information empowers oneself to be better prepared for life challenges, and reduces unnecessary stress, which is another specific obstacle for getting pregnant.


Iris Alroy, Ph.D. – Drug discovery professional

Iris is a biologist, and obtained her Ph.D. at Cornell University in New York in the field of Cell Biology. In recent years, she is an entrepreneur in the Biotechnology industry, trying to discover new drugs to treat diseases. She believes that we need to nurture our body’s natural defenses against diseases, to avoid the development of chronic diseases. Iris has three kids, but suffered from secondary infertility, as she was unable to conceive for a fourth time and had multiple early miscarriages. Although a scientist, with access to scientific literature, she found it difficult to find the necessary information to understand the reasons for her failure to conceive. Encountering women with similar problems in their first trials to get pregnant she started looking for information and sharing it with others.


Arnon Aharon, MD. – Drug development professional

Arnon has trained in internal medicine, but was frustrated with treatment options and decided to help others by developing new drugs and novel treatment modalities. Arnon has extensive experience in designing clinical trials, and has a keen eye to analysis of scientific and medical data in reference to human conditions. Arnon has started a family as an older dad, and was lucky in quickly fathering a beautiful child. In recent years, Arnon was involved in developing new nutritional supplements to enhance our body’s defenses to chronic condition such as heart disease and male infertility.



Udi Alroy, MBA – Product management and marketing of nutritional supplements

Udi is a people person, outgoing and with great communication skills, a trait which enables his international marketing career and worldwide web of contacts in the nutrition supplement market. Udi is the proud father of 3 teenagers who experienced the decreased fertility with age, of both himself and his life-long partner. His vast experience in nutritional supplements taught him that in today’s industrialized world our body is depleted of key micronutrients which are used as a primary defense mechanism against both internal and environmental insults sustained by our body throughout our lives. Being exposed to different cultures and habits around the world he learned to respect the value of alternative medicine, a field which is based on thousands of years of human experience.   


Netta Canfi – Animator and illustrator

Graduated 'Bezalel' Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem. Worked on many projects for children and youths on the Israeli TV. Currently works as a freelance animator for the private sector. Taught animation and illustration at Sapir College.





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