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Fertility Solution

The Fruitful team gives you a whole encompassing solution for getting pregnant faster.  Our platform includes an App, blog and personalized fertility supplement for both women and men to increase chances to get pregnant during the first 12 months of trying to conceive. Fruitful App will help you take charge of getting pregnant, will lead you on a daily basis, remind you to take supplements and assist you both with defining your fertility window. The App will share all data between both of you, making this a mutual project, thus reducing unnecessary stress. 


Fruitful App

  • Fertility score - Addressing couple's sub-fertility by analyzing male and female fertility risk factors and giving you a personalized fertility score
  • Fertility window – determination of the days of the month you are most fertile, to increase chances
  • Management and tracking of supplementation program and trying to conceive efforts
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Lifestyle engagement tools, daily reminders and recommendations to increase fertility


Fruitful supplements

  • Personalized formula for the male and female partners and joint formula to be taken by both partners
  • Best in class, based on scientific information and work with key-opinion leaders
  • Natural ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners


Fruitful blog

  • Tips for increasing male and female fertility
  • Lifestyle recommendations, what to do and what to avoid
  • Fertility foods and diet to increase your chances for getting pregnant
  • Stress management
  • Science and statistics  - knowledge is power


Our Application benefit

Fruitful App provides both or you as a couple with tools, knowledge and solutions to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Our Fruitfull way calculates for both you and your spouse a state of the art personal fertility score, analyzing your infertility risks as well as your lifestyle and personal characteristics.
The App includes:

  • A mutual fertility program for him and her – sharing the trying to conceive project
  • Fertility window predictor
  • Personal supplementation program, daily reminders and weekly report mechanism to be share by both.
  • Managing your fertility calendar as well as recommended of fertile days to be shared by both
  • Sharing and tracking your program to reduce stress
  • Tracking of your efforts along the supplementation program 
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Fertility foods recommendations and recipes
  • Scientific updates relating fertility and getting pregnant 

Why fill in the questionnaire?

Filling Fruitful questionnaire will provide you with your personal and couples fertility score based on assessment of personalized infertility risk factors. This data will enable you to focus on your and your spouse personal risk factors to increase your chances of getting pregnant faster.


Why is our supplement better?

Fruitful for Him and Her is a personal dosage form of a proprietary formula based on extensive scientific evidence. It is designed to suit your personal characteristics and suit both of your lifestyle.
We use effective levels of scientifically backed ingredients. Our formula is made with natural ingredients free from preservatives or artificial sweeteners.
All our products are made in the US under strict GMP guidelines.


Fruitful Holistic approach: from Vision to reality

Fruitful vision is to assist every and each couples who are trying to conceive, sharing both male and female efforts as equal and making the process of getting pregnant as romantic as well as fruitful. Fruitful personalized solution will lead the way for a new way to promote and increase fertility between couples 30 years and above, enhancing all fertility parameters including physical, lifestyle and personal characteristics.